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Lindisfarne Cricket Club Life Member Badge.png


Lindisfarne Cricket Club Life Member Badge.png

"Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual club members whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has provided a measurable benefit to the club over an extended period of time"

Luke Marshall and Chris White Life Members_edited.jpg
Marcus Bray Life Member.jpg

Chris Dillon

Alby Johnston

Frank Shadwick

Brendan Cowen

Steve Kannegiesser

Ray Priest

Steve Midson

Robert Cashion

Wayne Yaxley

Scott Devine

Ron Stuart

Jack Steele

Michael Shirley

Robin Clements

Damien Butterworth

Ian Collins

Bruce Johnson

Trevor Bailey

Shane Baker

Nathan Wilson

Beverley Shadwick

Calum Marshall

Stuart Steele

Kim Dillon

Mark Waddington

Greg Dance

Bruce Cooling

Michael Holloway

Stephen Bax

Paul Johnson

Chris White

Luke Marshall

Matthew Bax

Matthew Dance

Matthew Wilkie

Marcus Bray

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